“ECKO” CABLES today stand amongst the prestigious brands of Cables in the country. We are one of the pioneers in the Cable industry having about five decades of extensive expertise of manufacturing & supplying various types of quality Electric Wires & Cables for use in all sorts of Projects, Utilities, Industries, Housing Complexes, Multiplexes & actual users.

Due to wide-spread experience, ‘ECKO’ brand of cables are recognized for their uncompromising quality, reliability and prompt service amongst its customers. Ours is an ISO Certified company and our products bear BIS Certifications wherever applicable. We are a technology oriented company having a pro-active approach for providing cost effective and better quality products, against our customers’ specific and any specialized requirements. Company believes that, providing quality products on consistent  basis, will result in continually enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our Customers:

We have huge diversified clientage which includes Private Sector Industries of repute, Govt./Quasi Govt.bodies, SEB’s, and Projects, Railways, Power Plants, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing Complexes, Multiplexes, Actual Users and various Engineering Consultants etc.

Ecko Cables Group
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